I Open My Heart To You Book

I Open My Heart To You

  • Author : Patrick Wm. O'Neal
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Date : 2011-05-18
  • Category : Poetry
  • Pages : 58
  • ISBN : 1462858449

I Open My Heart To You in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

This book is the culmination of years of conflict between head and heart. There is no obvious winner in this conflict, only an internal debate that rages on eternally. These pages reveal the authors understanding and hope that others may gain something from that understanding. Patrick Wm. O'Neal

At Last I Open My Heart Book

At Last I Open My Heart

  • Author : Bart Mercurio
  • Publisher : Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
  • Date : 2019-05-03
  • Category : Self-Help
  • Pages : 208
  • ISBN : 9781644589946

At Last I Open My Heart in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

At Last I Open My Heart is a true story about a self-destructive man who, for more than forty years, lived in a secret world that was filled with lies, lust, and deceit. It is a compelling account of a man who intensely hated himself and believed that his entire life was a failure. It is also a moving testimony about triumph, and about how a once lost man miraculously recovered from decades of sexual addiction. It openly recognizes the seamy world of pornography, a multibillion dollar scourge that destroys marriages and ravages relationships. No one is immune from pornography's steel grip. It is a dreadful, widespread epidemic that each day ensnares millions of men and women. In his straightforward style, first-time author, Bart Mercurio, shamelessly leads us through the pages of his harrowing battle with pornography. He shares how his troubled heart was hidden away for nearly a half century, how he constantly lived in denial while vainly searching for genuine love, how his secret lifestyle came to be exposed, and how he was humbled and at last redeemed from his lifelong struggle as a sex addict. His eye-opening, personal experience is inspirational and honest and delivers a powerful message that will speak loudly to every man and woman who read his story.

My Heart Flies Open Book

My Heart Flies Open

  • Author : Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis
  • Publisher : North Atlantic Books
  • Date : 2021-09-07
  • Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
  • Pages : 32
  • ISBN : 9781623176143

My Heart Flies Open in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

Written and illustrated by Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis, My Heart Flies Open is an inclusive, empowering, and uplifting picture book for girls of color about yoga, meditation, and coming home to self-love. All children will be charmed by this book. In every situation I can blossom. Breathing in and breathing out, I know...I AM PEACEFUL. Beautifully and brightly illustrated, My Heart Flies Open takes readers on a yoga journey of mindful reflection, self-discovery, and self-love. Starting with Easy Pose ("I AM LOVE") and moving through Mountain Pose ("I AM STILLNESS"), Triangle Pose ("I AM ME"), and more, My Heart Flies Open guides young readers through a grounding sequence of 15 yoga poses and affirmations. More than just another yoga or mindfulness book, My Heart Flies Open transports young readers to a magical world where they learn to overcome negative emotions and move dynamically through their feelings--shining bright and connecting to the peace, laughter, love, grounding, and spirit that live inside all along. With every yoga pose, each breath in, and each breath out, My Heart Flies Open brings young readers home to themselves: they are life, love, joy, and kindness; bold, fierce, peaceful, and whole. Written for children, and especially girls of color, ages 4 - 8.

Open My Heart to Worship Book

Open My Heart to Worship

  • Author : Mark Hayes
  • Publisher : Alfred Music
  • Date :
  • Category : Music
  • Pages : 60
  • ISBN : 1457424053

Open My Heart to Worship in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

The praise and worship songs included in this collection have become part of the "canon" of contemporary and blended worshipers. These beautiful piano solos, written in the keys in which the pieces are usually sung, may also be used to accompany a congregation. This collection features songs from the CCLI¬ Top 25! Titles: * Above All * Breathe * Draw Me Close * The Heart of Worship * Here I Am to Worship * In the Presence of Jehovah with Surely the Presence of the Lord Is in This Place * Knowing You (All I Once Held Dear) * Let Everything That Has Breath * Open the Eyes of My Heart with Be Thou My Vision * Sweet, Sweet Spirit * They'll Know We Are Christians by Our Love.

My Heart Is an Open Book Book

My Heart Is an Open Book

  • Author : Michelle Meece
  • Publisher : Author House
  • Date : 2008-10-13
  • Category : Family & Relationships
  • Pages : 120
  • ISBN : 1468569406

My Heart Is an Open Book in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

I have compiled 101 poems of the deepest emotions I have felt throughout my life. From the pain of depression, heartbreak, watching someone live with addiction, and losing loved ones to the joy of true love and the innocent heart of a child. This is my attempt to understand the things that are happening all around me. I may not always find the answer or like the outcome of every situation but poetry has been my outlet...the key to my sanity. If my wordslet someonesee things in a new light and help them overcome something they thought they couldn't live through, then putting my life on display will all be worth it.

Open My Heart  Heal My Soul Book

Open My Heart Heal My Soul

  • Author : David P. Mann
  • Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
  • Date : 2013-01-29
  • Category : Religion
  • Pages : 130
  • ISBN : 9781620328224

Open My Heart Heal My Soul in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

Living in this world can be hazardous to one's health. Struggles to deal with pain and suffering drive a number of people to counselors, pastors, and popular "how to" books on Christian living to find healing. The experience of feeling deeply wounded by life's events not only hinders people from enjoying life, it also undermines the idea that God has a plan for our lives that surpasses many of our wildest dreams. Grappling with the place of God's grace in our lives, how to effectively deal with our problems, and attaining authenticity of being and purpose in life blend into our daily walk as followers of Christ. Building upon the belief that there is far more to the Christian life than simply making it into heaven, Open My Heart, Heal My Soul: Living the Grace-Saturated Life helps readers who have found the journey of life to be frustrating and painful gain new insight into living. This book will inspire those who have felt discouraged by their attempts to overcome problems and provide guidelines for dealing with life's challenges as a Christian.

My Heart Open as the Sky Book

My Heart Open as the Sky

  • Author : Janet Aizenstros
  • Publisher :
  • Date : 2013-05-01
  • Category : Fiction
  • Pages : 192
  • ISBN : 0992087481

My Heart Open as the Sky in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

"I've learned that our thoughts are important enough to be written in ink. We were not given thoughts to be idle but to give birth to our ides and emotions. Poetry gives voice to honesty. It discreetly reveals everything in our souls --one of many forms where truth lives. Truth desires to be spoken. Poetry is our soul's way of speaking the hidden secrets it has been longing to tell." --Janet Janet has been writing poetry, essays and songs since childhood. Now, this uniquely talented writer reveals the sacred pages of her journal to give readers insight into her wisdom and deeply felt perceptions. My Heart Open As The Sky, evokes the discovery of a new hope, the demise of relationships, the heart of separation and healing wounds from the past to soar on wings of future freedom. Unafraid she confronts questions of existence, spiritual struggles and the realization of humanities quest for liberation. Innocent and provocative, joyful yet melancholic, My Heart Open As the Sky serves to stretch the voice of humanity to G-d's inner court that He may extent to those willing - the luxury of living in the Truth."

Open Wide My Heart Book

Open Wide My Heart

  • Author : Macrina Wiederkehr
  • Publisher : Ave Maria Press
  • Date : 2022-04-22
  • Category : Religion
  • Pages : 160
  • ISBN : 9781932057324

Open Wide My Heart in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

Just before she died of brain cancer in April 2020, Macrina Wiederkehr gifted her friend and coauthor Joyce Rupp with one of the many journals she kept over the years where she reflected on scripture and her own spirituality. Rupp writes in the foreword for Open Wide My Heart, “I observed certain currents of yearning and faithfulness that remained throughout the decades: a thirst for an ever-fuller relationship with the Holy One; a tremendous respect for scripture as an incentive for spiritual transformation; a recognition of not being all she hoped to be regarding her inner growth; and a continual return to a belief in her essential goodness.” That is the essence of Open Wide My Heart, which pulls together two years of personal reflections by Wiederkehr, a beloved spiritual author, popular retreat leader, and Benedictine sister. These brief yet poignant writings serve as guideposts as you begin or deepen your scripture study and offer gentle direction for your faith and a better understanding of daily life. Wiederkehr also shares nuggets of spiritual wisdom she gained in her reading, including experiencing God in the everyday; living fully present in the moment; and accepting the grace that comes from God, other people in your life, and the world around you. Open Wide My Heart is an invitation to learn from a bestselling spiritual writer’s practice and witness her deeply meditative approach to scripture and life. In the process, you can grow in confidence in your own scripture reading.

My Lyrical Journey  How I Painted My Heart Wide Open Book

My Lyrical Journey How I Painted My Heart Wide Open

  • Author : Paula Jones
  • Publisher : eBookIt.com
  • Date : 2014-10-05
  • Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Pages : 225
  • ISBN : 9781456623111

My Lyrical Journey How I Painted My Heart Wide Open in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

My Lyrical Journey — How I painted my heart wide open, is a collection of blog posts about how my art changed me. I've opened my heart and become transparent in many of these little stories. I share my fears, disappointments, dreams and desires. And, as a result, I have a story of painting my heart wide open and finding courage, healing, strength, compassion and love.

My Heart Is an Open Book Book

My Heart Is an Open Book

  • Author : Elizabeth Maldonado
  • Publisher : Trafford Publishing
  • Date : 2011-03
  • Category : Poetry
  • Pages : 104
  • ISBN : 9781426923395

My Heart Is an Open Book in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

Love can make us feel so many emotions - joy, excitement, fear, depression, doubt, and anger. In this moving collection of poems, Elizabeth Maldonado shares her own experiences in dealing with the agony and exhilaration of love. Starting with those first anxious days of looking for love, Maldonado delves into the myriad thoughts and feelings that come with trying to find that special someone. "Alone On New Years" explores the isolation of being single on one of the most romantic nights of the year while "Finding Your Heart" beautifully portrays the uncertainty in giving your heart to someone new. The second section, entitled "Being in Love," looks at those giddy days and weeks when two people come together and discover the headiness of romance. "A New Start" shows how everything looks bright and new with this burgeoning relationship while "Our World to Own" explores the way new love makes one feel invincible. Maldonado takes a deeper turn in the chapter "Losing Love" as she explores distrust, betrayal, sadness, and the despair of breaking up. The overwhelming question of why the relationship failed comes to life in "No Answers to Why" while "Doubts" examines the uncertainties that plague one's mind in the search for answers. Full of vivid imagery, My Heart Is an Open Book brilliantly embraces the dizzying emotions of love.

Joseph II and His Court Book

Joseph II and His Court

  • Author : Luise Mühlbach
  • Publisher :
  • Date : 1867
  • Category : Austria
  • Pages : 343

Joseph II and His Court in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

In My Heart Book
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In My Heart

  • Author : Jo Witek
  • Publisher : Harry N. Abrams
  • Date : 2014-10-14
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction
  • Pages : 32
  • ISBN : 1419713108

In My Heart in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

A young girl explores what different emotions feel like, such as happiness which makes her want to twirl, or sadness which feels as heavy as an elephant.

The Works of Alexander Pope Book

The Works of Alexander Pope

  • Author : Alexander Pope
  • Publisher :
  • Date : 1889
  • Category :
  • Pages :
  • ISBN : UCAL:B3546934

The Works of Alexander Pope in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle: