Marcus Gheeraerts II Book

Marcus Gheeraerts II

  • Author : Karen Hearn
  • Publisher : Tate
  • Date : 2002
  • Category : Art
  • Pages : 64
  • ISBN : UOM:39015056222980

Marcus Gheeraerts II in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

Gheeraert's portrait of Elizabeth I is one of the most famous paintings of the 'Virgin Queen'. This book addresses the life and work of this innovative artist who painted some of the most important figures of his age, defining the public image of the monarchy under Elizabeth I and James I.

The Elizabethan Conquest of Ireland Book

The Elizabethan Conquest of Ireland

  • Author : James Charles Roy
  • Publisher : Pen and Sword Military
  • Date : 2021-06-09
  • Category : History
  • Pages : 668
  • ISBN : 9781526770752

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This is the story of the 'failed' British Empire in Ireland and the sad end of the Tudor reign. The relationship between England and Ireland has been marked by turmoil ever since the 5th century, when Irish raiders kidnapped St. Patrick. Perhaps the most consequential chapter in this saga was the subjugation of the island during the 16th century, and particularly efforts associated with the long reign of Queen Elizabeth I, the reverberations of which remain unsettled even today. This is the story of that ‘First British Empire’. The saga of the Elizabethan conquest has rarely received the attention it deserves, long overshadowed by more ‘glamorous’ events that challenged the queen, most especially those involving Catholic Spain and France, superpowers with vastly more resources than Protestant England. Ireland was viewed as a peripheral theater, a haven for Catholic heretics and a potential ‘back door’ for foreign invasions. Lord deputies sent by the queen were tormented by such fears, and reacted with an iron hand. Their cadres of subordinates, including poets and writers as gifted as Philip Sidney, Edmund Spenser, and Walter Raleigh, were all corrupted in the process, their humanist values disfigured by the realities of Irish life as they encountered them through the lens of conquest and appropriation. These men considered the future of Ireland to be an extension of the British state, as seen in the ‘salon’ at Bryskett’s Cottage, outside Dublin, where guests met to pore over the ‘Irish Question’. But such deliberations were rewarded by no final triumph, only debilitating warfare that stretched the entire length of Elizabeth’s rule. This is the story of revolt, suppression, atrocities and genocide, and ends with an ailing, dispirited queen facing internal convulsions and an empty treasury. Her death saw the end of the Tudor dynasty, marked not by victory over the great enemy Spain, but by ungovernable Ireland – the first colonial ‘failed

Marcus Gheeraerts II  Elizabethan Artist Book

Marcus Gheeraerts II Elizabethan Artist

  • Author :
  • Publisher :
  • Date : 2003
  • Category :
  • Pages :
  • ISBN : OCLC:1227259934

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Marcus Gheeraerts II (1561/2-1636) was one of the great portrait artists of Elizabethan and Jacobean England. A contemporary of William shakespeare, he painted many of the leading Britons of the time, including Elizabeth I. His 'Ditchley' portrait is one of the grandest and most enigmatic depictions of the Virgin Queen, but he also produced haunting and beautiful portraits of leading statesmen and soldiers, and of their wives and children.

The Burlington Magazine Book

The Burlington Magazine

  • Author : Robert Edward Dell
  • Publisher :
  • Date : 1913
  • Category : Art
  • Pages :
  • ISBN : UGA:32108057629407

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Writing after Sidney Book

Writing after Sidney

  • Author : Gavin Alexander
  • Publisher : OUP Oxford
  • Date : 2010-10-14
  • Category : Literary Criticism
  • Pages : 424
  • ISBN : 9780191615443

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Writing After Sidney examines the literary response to Sir Philip Sidney (1554-86), author of the Arcadia, Astrophil and Stella, and The Defence of Poesy, and the most immediately influential writer of the Elizabethan period. It does so by looking closely both at Sidney and at four writers who had an important stake in his afterlife: his sister Mary Sidney, his brother Robert Sidney, his best friend Fulke Greville, and his niece Mary Wroth. At the same time as these authors wrote their own works in response to Sidney they presented his life and writings to the world, and were shaped by other writers as his literary and political heirs. Readings of these five central authors are embedded in a more general study of the literary and cultural scene in the years after Sidney's death, examining the work of such writers as Spenser, Jonson, Daniel, Drayton, and Herbert. The study uses a wide range of manuscript and printed sources, and key use is made of perspectives from Renaissance literary theory, especially Renaissance rhetoric. The book aims to come to a better understanding of the nature of Sidney's impact on the literature of the fifty or so years after his death in 1586; it also aims to improve our understanding both of Sidney and of the other writers discussed by developing a more nuanced approach to the questions of imitation and example so central to Renaissance literature. It thereby adds to the general store of our understanding of how writing of the English Renaissance offered examples to later readers and writers, and of how it encountered and responded to such examples itself.

The Volume of the Walpole Society Book

The Volume of the Walpole Society

  • Author : Walpole Society (Great Britain)
  • Publisher :
  • Date : 1914
  • Category : Art
  • Pages : 45
  • ISBN : UOM:39015024052543

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What People Wore Book
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What People Wore

  • Author : Douglas W. Gorsline
  • Publisher : Courier Corporation
  • Date : 1994-01-01
  • Category : Antiques & Collectibles
  • Pages : 269
  • ISBN : 9780486281629

What People Wore in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

Uses 1,800 chronologically arranged line drawings to illustrate the types of clothing worn from ancient times to the early twentieth century.

Art in England Book

Art in England

  • Author : Sara N. James
  • Publisher : Oxbow Books Limited
  • Date : 2016-10-31
  • Category : History
  • Pages : 448
  • ISBN : 9781785702266

Art in England in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

Art in England fills a void in the scholarship of both English and medieval art by offering the first single volume overview of artistic movements in Medieval and Early Renaissance England. Grounded in history and using the chronology of the reign of monarchs as a structure, it is contextual and comprehensive, revealing unobserved threads of continuity, patterns of intention and unique qualities that run through English art of the medieval millennium. By placing the English movement in a European context, this book brings to light many ingenious innovations that focused studies tend not to recognize and offers a fresh look at the movement as a whole. The media studied include architecture and related sculpture, both ecclesiastical and secular; tomb monuments; murals, panel paintings, altarpieces, and portraits; manuscript illuminations; textiles; and art by English artists and by foreign artists commissioned by English patrons.

Domestic Politics and Family Absence Book

Domestic Politics and Family Absence

  • Author : Noel J. Kinnamon
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Date : 2018-03-29
  • Category : Literary Criticism
  • Pages : 288
  • ISBN : 9781351943062

Domestic Politics and Family Absence in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

Though all but three of Robert Sidney's 332 extant letters to his wife Barbara Gamage Sidney have been in the Sidney family archive, they have never previously been fully transcribed or edited. This edition of the surviving letters, which Sidney wrote to his wife when they were separated for long periods by his official duties at various continental locations, provides a wealth of information about the Sidneys' family life. They touch on matters such as family illnesses, the children's education, court gossip, finances, and the construction of additions to Penshurst Place, the seat of the Sidney family. The letters also offer an extraordinary record of an early-modern English household in which the wife was entrusted with the overall responsibility for the well-being of her family, and for managing a large estate in the absence of her husband. Sidney's letters show that, although his union with the wealthy Welsh heiress Barbara Gamage may have been engineered primarily for political and financial ends, clearly the couple enjoyed a happy and loving marriage. Their correspondence is full of endearments, and Robert frequently tells his wife how much he misses her and their beloved children, including his 'Malkin,' later Lady Mary Wroth. The volume includes an introduction and notes by the editors. It also includes contextual materials such as relevant sections on family matters from letters to Robert from his trusted agent, Rowland Whyte; and from Robert Sidney's own business correspondence. The introduction specifically addresses the issue of Barbara's literacy, within the broader context of late-Elizabethan women's literacy.

The Ashgate Research Companion to The Sidneys  1500 1700 Book

The Ashgate Research Companion to The Sidneys 1500 1700

  • Author : Michael G. Brennan
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Date : 2020-07-26
  • Category : Literary Criticism
  • Pages : 420
  • ISBN : 9781000152135

The Ashgate Research Companion to The Sidneys 1500 1700 in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

Few families have contributed as much to English history and literature-indeed, to the arts generally-as the Sidney family. This two-volume Ashgate Research Companion assesses the current state of scholarship on family members and their impact, as historical and literary figures, in the period 1500-1700. Volume 1: Lives, begins with an overview of the Sidneys and politics, providing some links to court events, entertainments, literature, and patronage. The volume gives biographies to prominent high-profile Sidney women and men, as well as sections assessing the influence of the family in the areas of the English court, international politics, patronage, religion, public entertainment, the visual arts, and music. The focus of the second volume is the literary contributions of Sir Philip Sidney; Mary Sidney Herbert, Countess of Pembroke; Lady Mary Wroth; Robert Sidney, Earl of Leicester; and William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke.

Art and Fashion Book

Art and Fashion

  • Author : Alice Mackrell
  • Publisher : Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
  • Date : 2005-01-07
  • Category : Design
  • Pages : 176
  • ISBN : 0713488735

Art and Fashion in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

Long overdue is this look at a centuries-old love affair: the close relationship between art and fashion. From the Renaissance, when painters first sought to accurately capture the form, color, and texture of clothing, to today, when models strut down the runway in virtual works of art, the influence has flowed both ways. Illustrated throughout with paintings, designer sketches, and fashion plates, this groundbreaking study includes a chronology of art movements and appendices of fashion designers and fashion houses. It will provide a wealth of eye-opening insights to those who visit showrooms and galleries, and a treasury of creative inspiration for workers in studios and ateliers.

The Jewel House Book
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The Jewel House

  • Author : Deborah E. Harkness
  • Publisher : Yale University Press
  • Date : 2007-10-24
  • Category : Science
  • Pages : 376
  • ISBN : 9780300185751

The Jewel House in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

The #1 New York Times–bestselling author of A Discovery of Witchesexamines the real-life history of the scientific community of Elizabethan London. Travel to the streets, shops, back alleys, and gardens of Elizabethan London, where a boisterous and diverse group of men and women shared a keen interest in the study of nature. These assorted merchants, gardeners, barber-surgeons, midwives, instrument makers, mathematics teachers, engineers, alchemists, and other experimenters formed a patchwork scientific community whose practices set the stage for the Scientific Revolution. While Francis Bacon has been widely regarded as the father of modern science, scores of his London contemporaries also deserve a share in this distinction. It was their collaborative, yet often contentious, ethos that helped to develop the ideals of modern scientific research. The book examines six particularly fascinating episodes of scientific inquiry and dispute in sixteenth-century London, bringing to life the individuals involved and the challenges they faced. These men and women experimented and invented, argued and competed, waged wars in the press, and struggled to understand the complexities of the natural world. Together their stories illuminate the blind alleys and surprising twists and turns taken as medieval philosophy gave way to the empirical, experimental culture that became a hallmark of the Scientific Revolution. “Elegant and erudite.” —Anthony Grafton, American Scientist “A truly wonderful book, deeply researched, full of original material, and exhilarating to read.” —John Carey, Sunday Times “Widely accessible.” —Ian Archer, Oxford University “Vivid, compelling, and panoramic, this revelatory work will force us to revise everything we thought we knew about Renaissance science.” —Adrian Johns, author of The Nature Book