You re Not Pretty Enough Book

You re Not Pretty Enough

  • Author : Jennifer Tress
  • Publisher :
  • Date : 2013
  • Category : Authors, American
  • Pages : 204
  • ISBN : 0989481700

You re Not Pretty Enough in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

"Told chronologically and chock full of truths, 'You're Not Pretty Enough' provides an example of how to be comfortable in your own skin and ultimately live a full life (even if you screw up, royally, along the way)."--P [4] of cover.

Not Pretty Enough Book
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Not Pretty Enough

  • Author : Gerri Hirshey
  • Publisher : Sarah Crichton Books
  • Date : 2016-07-12
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Pages : 528
  • ISBN : 9780374712235

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When Helen Gurley Brown’s Sex and the Single Girl first appeared in 1962, it whistled into buttoned-down America like a bombshell: Brown declared that it was okay— even imperative—for unmarried women to have and enjoy a sex life, and that equal rights for women should extend to the bedroom and the workplace. “How dare you?” thundered newspapers, radio hosts, and (mostly male) citizens. But more than two million women bought the book and hailed her as a heroine. Brown was also pilloried as a scarlet woman and a traitor to the women’s movement when she took over the failing Hearst magazine Cosmopolitan and turned it into a fizzy pink guidebook for “do-me” feminism. As the first magazine geared to the rising wave of single working women, it sold wildly. Today, more than 68 million young women worldwide are still reading some form of Helen Gurley Brown’s audacious yet comforting brand of self-help. “HGB” wasn’t the ideal poster girl for secondwave feminism, but she certainly started the conversation. Brown campaigned for women’s reproductive freedom and advocated skill and “brazenry” both on the job and in the boudoir—along with serial plastic surgery. When she died in 2012, her front-page obituary in The New York Times noted that though she succumbed at ninety, “parts of her were considerably younger.” Her life story is astonishing, from her roots in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, to her single-girl decade as a Mad Men–era copywriter in Los Angeles, which informed her first bestseller, to her years at the helm of Cosmopolitan. Helen Gurley Brown told her own story many times, but coyly, with plenty of camouflage. Here, for the first time, is the unvarnished and decoded truth about “how she did it”—from her comet-like career to “bagging” her husband of half a century, the movie producer David Brown. Full of firsthand accounts of HGB from many of her closest friends and rediscovered, little-known interviews with the woman

Am I Pretty Enough Yet  Book

Am I Pretty Enough Yet

  • Author : Julia Armstrong
  • Publisher : Troubador Publishing Ltd
  • Date : 2014-11-28
  • Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
  • Pages : 80
  • ISBN : 9781784620424

Am I Pretty Enough Yet in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

Am I Pretty Enough Yet? is a self-help book aimed at 13- to 18-year-old girls, designed to empower them as they navigate their teenage years and grow into young women. Inspired by the many girls she has worked with – and the numerous insecurities, fears and pressures they experience – Julia Armstrong has created a book which is pitched directly at teenagers. Candid and informal, it ranges across topics such as beauty, weight, celebrity culture, sex, social media and body hair. It will answer many of the questions teenage girls have and support them in dealing with the challenges of contemporary society. “Boys have many difficulties too but this book is for the girls, and the world they have to negotiate today is far harder than my own was and is some cause for concern. What is expected of them, of you, from all angles is for many unobtainable and for all unreasonable. It seems to me, that in many ways, girls have it harder than ever before.” Self-esteem is the most powerful tool a woman can have, but few young women are born with it. Many women, especially young girls, can feel that they are not good enough, not pretty enough or not slim enough. The goal of this book is to help remedy this, empowering young girls to look after and fortify their emotional well-being. Challenging modern stereotypes, it provides teenage girls with a guide on how to deal with the negative pressure from the media and peer groups and the pressure teenagers often put on themselves. Written by a teacher with over 20 years' experience dealing with the issues it covers, Am I Pretty Enough Yet? offers self-help tools and techniques to build up self-esteem in young women.

I Am Pretty Enough Book

I Am Pretty Enough

  • Author : Yolanda Marshall Nickerson
  • Publisher :
  • Date : 2016-06-29
  • Category : Self-Help
  • Pages : 82
  • ISBN : 0983322163

I Am Pretty Enough in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

This book will help enhance self-image, self- esteem, self-worth and self-confidence in women who may struggle in these areas.

Sex and the Single Girl Book
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Sex and the Single Girl

  • Author : Helen Gurley Brown
  • Publisher : Open Road Media
  • Date : 2012-07-10
  • Category : Family & Relationships
  • Pages : 266
  • ISBN : 9781453255841

Sex and the Single Girl in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

The 1962 blockbuster that took on “one of the most absurd (if universal) myths of our time: that every girl must be married” (The New York Times). Helen Gurley Brown, the iconic editor in chief of Cosmopolitan for thirty-two years, is considered one of the most influential figures of Second Wave feminism. Her first book sold millions of copies, became a cultural phenomenon, and ushered in a whole new way of thinking about work, men, and life. Feisty, fun, and totally frank, Sex and the Single Girl offers advice to unmarried women that is as relevant today as it was when it burst onto the scene in the 1960s. This spirited manifesto puts women—and what they want—first. It captures the exuberance, optimism, and independence that have influenced the lives of so many contemporary American women.

Cognitive Therapy Techniques Book
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Cognitive Therapy Techniques

  • Author : Robert L. Leahy
  • Publisher : Guilford Press
  • Date : 2003-07-29
  • Category : Psychology
  • Pages : 372
  • ISBN : 1572309059

Cognitive Therapy Techniques in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

An indispensable clinical companion, this book is packed with useful tools and interventions that will expand the repertoire of novice and experienced cognitive therapists. Detailed are the full variety of evidence-based techniques that can be brought to bear on specific client problems and therapeutic challenges. Therapists will rediscover--or learn for the first time--a wealth of effective ways to identify and challenge thoughts and core beliefs; modify patterns of worry, self-criticism, and approval-seeking; evaluate personal schemas; intervene in emotional processes; and activate new experiences for the client. Each technique is thoroughly described in Robert L. Leahy's trademark accessible style and illustrated with vivid case examples. Designed in a convenient large-size format, the book is bursting with over 80 reproducible client forms and handouts. Photocopy Rights The Publisher grants individual book purchasers nonassignable permission to reproduce selected materials in this book for professional use. For details and limitations, see copyright page. Key Features: For clinicians who know the basics, here is the entire range of therapeutic techniques clearly articulated in a user-friendly format. Author is well known and highly respected. Includes forms, handouts, homework assignments, and numerous concrete examples.

Am I Enough  Book
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Am I Enough

  • Author : Grace Valentine
  • Publisher : Thomas Nelson
  • Date : 2018-07-17
  • Category : Religion
  • Pages : 240
  • ISBN : 9780785216155

Am I Enough in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

Have you had enough, of not feeling enough? Start embracing the truth about who you really are. Young women today are constantly told they are not enough for this world—not pretty enough, not smart enough, not exciting enough, and just plain not good enough. Grace Valentine has felt the pressure of trying to survive in a toxic culture, let alone thrive. But she’s had enough. In her new book Am I Enough?, Grace uses her story to confront the lies the world tells us every day—lies such as: You are beautiful because a guy told you so, Love must be earned, You should forget your past, You will never be enough, and more. Am I Enough? is a line in the sand. It’s a declaration that we will never be enough for this world, because we were created by Someone better for something better. Discover how to push past the lies, and find confidence in who you were made to be.

Doing Rebellious Research Book

Doing Rebellious Research

  • Author :
  • Publisher : BRILL
  • Date : 2022-05-09
  • Category : Education
  • Pages : 496
  • ISBN : 9789004516069

Doing Rebellious Research in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

Bringing together an extraordinary range of international scholars and practitioners that include contemporary visual artists, poets, choreographers, activists, film-makers, theatre-makers, magicians, and circus artists, the contributors situate their rebellious practices of knowledge production and upheaval in the academy and in society.

Dear Dumb Diary  5  Can Adults Become Human  Book

Dear Dumb Diary 5 Can Adults Become Human

  • Author : Jim Benton
  • Publisher : Scholastic Inc.
  • Date : 2013-08-27
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction
  • Pages : 128
  • ISBN : 9780545295567

Dear Dumb Diary 5 Can Adults Become Human in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

Read the hilarious, candid (and sometimes not-so-nice), diaries of Jamie Kelly, who promises that everything in her diary is true...or at least as true as it needs to be. Dear Dumb Diary, My social studies teacher, Mr. VanDoy, never smiles. I know that's hard to believe, because everybody smiles about something, right? Isabella smiles when her brothers get in trouble. Angeline smiles when she thinks about how much prettier she is than, like, a waterfall or a unicorn. I smile when I think about a unicorn kicking Angeline over a waterfall. But Mr. VanDoy doesn't smile at all. I wonder if when you become an adult, you can lose your sense of humor the way you lose your teeth or hair or fashion sense.

The Lotus and the Lily Book
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The Lotus and the Lily

  • Author : Janet Conner
  • Publisher : Conari Press
  • Date : 2012-10-01
  • Category : Self-Help
  • Pages : 256
  • ISBN : 9781573245869

The Lotus and the Lily in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

Based on the teachings of Jesus and Buddha, this book teaches readers how to create an rich interior life by focusing your attention on your connection with the divine within. The Lotus and the Lily offers a 30-day program for accessing your true creativity, breakthrough thinking, and divine guidance. The Lotus and the Lily reveals: The cosmic power of the intention mandala to reveal the life you want Discover the power of naming your past and your future How to experience the generative power of your own voice Each day includes prompts for reading, reflection, writing, exploring, and nourishing one's soul writing. The Lotus and the Lilyshows readers how to access the divine wisdom and guidance that dwells just below conscious awareness, through this 30-day soul writing process. "The principles that Janet Conner guides the reader to discover become the essential elements of a dynamic spiritual practice. These principles transcend denomination and dogma. They are practical, universal and impacting." --Mary Anne Radmacher, artist and author Live with Intention and Lean Forward into Your Life "Jesus said we could create heaven on earth. The Buddha said we could create the conditions for manifestation. Janet Conner tells us how. Her 30-day program is spiritual yet imminently practical, deeply serious yet lots of fun. This is a step-by-step guide to expressing our own divinity." --Ellen Debenport, author of The Five Principles

The Best of No Depression Book

The Best of No Depression

  • Author : Grant Alden
  • Publisher : University of Texas Press
  • Date : 2005-09-01
  • Category : Music
  • Pages : 288
  • ISBN : 9780292709898

The Best of No Depression in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of alternative country music magazine "No Depression," this anthology contains 25 of the magazine's best and most representative feature articles on venerated artists and songwriters of genuine American roots music.

Surviving High School Book
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Surviving High School

  • Author : Lele Pons
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Date : 2017-02-14
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction
  • Pages : 272
  • ISBN : 9781501120541

Surviving High School in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

"Lele is a bulls-eye target at her new school in Miami until, overnight, her digital fame catapults the girl with cheerleader looks, a seriously silly personality, and a self-deprecating funny bone into the popular crowd. Now she's facing a whole new set of challenges--the relentless drama, the ruthless cliques, the unexpected internet celebrity--all while trying to keep her grades up and make her parents proud"--

Take Hold of the Faith You Long For Book

Take Hold of the Faith You Long For

  • Author : Sharon Jaynes
  • Publisher : Baker Books
  • Date : 2016-05-03
  • Category : Religion
  • Pages : 256
  • ISBN : 9781493403103

Take Hold of the Faith You Long For in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

On the outside, many women are well-put-together Christians with trendy shoes, beautiful children, and wide, white smiles. On the inside, those same women are little girls cowering at the edge of the playground, hoping no one notices them, yet still wishing they could join in. They've professed faith and know the right things, but they struggle to truly take hold of the "life more abundant" that Jesus offers. Instead they settle for a life that's less than what God has promised them. In this liberating book, Sharon Jaynes reveals the most common reasons women get stuck with a mediocre, mundane faith. Then she shows women how to break free and move forward, leaving behind the feelings of inferiority, inadequacy, and insecurity that are holding them hostage. She uncovers untapped sources of confidence and courage, equipping women to move from knowing the truth to actually believing it--and living it out boldly in a life marked by true freedom.

Pieces of the Heart III Book

Pieces of the Heart III

  • Author : Mike Haszto
  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • Date : 2009-07-16
  • Category : Poetry
  • Pages : 164
  • ISBN : 9781467874991

Pieces of the Heart III in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

With no particular rhyme or reason to its organization, Haszto puts together another collection so deep in feeling and intense in thought that 'Pieces III' would fit perfectly with its predecessors, 'Pieces of the Heart' and 'Pieces of the Heart II'. Once again, as is with life, anything thing can happen at any time, and that continues to be the theme running through the 'Pieces' books. All too often, life is improvised, feelings blossom, sometimes to extremes, as events occur in our everyday lives. Enter the mind of this author and prepare to take a long ride into his rollercoaster-like imagination and perception-filled world. A peek will be all that's needed, as any one of the dozens of creative poems will hook the reader into full indulgence. Enjoy!

The Accidental Beauty Queen Book
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The Accidental Beauty Queen

  • Author : Teri Wilson
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Date : 2018-12-04
  • Category : Fiction
  • Pages : 304
  • ISBN : 9781501197611

The Accidental Beauty Queen in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

In this charming romantic comedy perfect for fans of Meg Cabot and Sophie Kinsella, critically acclaimed author Teri Wilson shows us that sometimes being pushed out of your comfort zone leads you to the ultimate prize. Charlotte Gorman loves her job as an elementary school librarian, and is content to experience life through the pages of her books. Which couldn’t be more opposite from her identical twin sister. Ginny, an Instagram-famous beauty pageant contestant, has been chasing a crown since she was old enough to enunciate the words world peace, and she’s not giving up until she gets the title of Miss American Treasure. And Ginny’s refusing to do it alone this time. She drags Charlotte to the pageant as a good luck charm, but the winning plan quickly goes awry when Ginny has a terrible, face-altering allergic reaction the night before the pageant, and Charlotte suddenly finds herself in a switcheroo the twins haven’t successfully pulled off in decades. Woefully unprepared for the glittery world of hair extensions, false eyelashes, and push-up bras, Charlotte is mortified at every unstable step in her sky-high stilettos. But as she discovers there’s more to her fellow contestants than just wanting a sparkly crown, Charlotte realizes she has a whole new motivation for winning.