The Skull of Shirzad Mir Book

The Skull of Shirzad Mir

  • Author : Harold Lamb
  • Publisher :
  • Date : 2006-09
  • Category : Adventure stories
  • Pages : 181
  • ISBN : 192861941X

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Warriors of the Steppes Book

Warriors of the Steppes

  • Author : Harold Lamb
  • Publisher : U of Nebraska Press
  • Date : 2021-11-19
  • Category : Fiction
  • Pages : 722
  • ISBN : 9780803299740

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Master of driving pace, exotic setting, and complex plotting, Harold Lamb was one of Robert E. Howard’s favorite writers. Here at last is every pulse-pounding, action-packed story of Lamb’s greatest hero, the wolf of the steppes, Khlit the Cossack. Journey now with the unsung grandfather of sword and sorcery in search of ancient tombs, gleaming treasure, and thrilling landscapes. Match wits with deadly swordsmen, scheming priests, and evil cults. Rescue lovely damsels, ride with bold comrades, and hazard everything on your brains and skill and a little luck. Warriors of the Steppes is the second in a four-volume set that collects, for the first time, the complete Cossack stories of Harold Lamb and presents them in order: every adventure of Khlit the Cossack and those of his friends, allies, and fellow Cossacks, many of which have never before appeared between book covers. Compiled and edited by the Harold Lamb scholar Howard Andrew Jones, each volume features never-before reprinted essays Lamb wrote about his stories, informative introductions by popular authors, and a wealth of rare, exciting, swashbuckling fiction. This second volume collects all five tales of Khlit’s greatest friend, the valorous Abdul Dost, and Dost’s comrade Sir Ralph Weyand. Life across the Roof of the World is more dangerous than ever as Khlit teams up with Abdul to thwart a gang of kidnappers, stamp out a cult of stranglers, save the dazzling Retha, and reluctantly lead an Afghani rebellion against the forces of the Mogul. Contained herein are the three never-before-collected stories of Khlit the Cossack, including the short novel The Curved Sword.

Adventure Book


  • Author :
  • Publisher :
  • Date : 1920
  • Category : Adventure stories
  • Pages :
  • ISBN : UTEXAS:059172131538081

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Marching Sands Book

Marching Sands

  • Author : Harold Lamb
  • Publisher : DigiCat
  • Date : 2022-06-03
  • Category : Fiction
  • Pages : 161
  • ISBN : EAN:8596547056492

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This fictional adventure book leads readers to follow the journey of a former U.S. Army captain, Robert Gray. A scientific organization wanted Gray to traverse the unforgiving terrain of Gobi Desert to seek the hidden city of Sungan, where the reclusive race of Wusun supposedly lived. In his expedition, Gray has to race against other teams from China and Britain who are trying to find the people of Wusun for their own nefarious needs.

The Adventure MEGAPACK    Book

The Adventure MEGAPACK

  • Author : Dorothy Quick
  • Publisher : Wildside Press LLC
  • Date : 2012-09-13
  • Category : Fiction
  • Pages : 500
  • ISBN : 9781434438423

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Hours of great reading await, with adventure tales culled from the pulp magazines of the early 20th century by some of the most renowned pulp authors, including Robert E. Howard (creator of Conan the Barbarian), Harold Lamb, William Hope Hodgson, Dorothy Quick, E. Hoffmann Price, and many more! More than 500 pages of fiction! (Search for ?megapack? to find all the other great titles in this series.) Included in this volume: THE BLACK ADDER, by Dorothy Quick EVERY MAN A KING, by E. Hoffmann Price SON OF THE WHITE WOLF, by Robert E. Howard PEARL HUNGER, by Albert Richard Wetjen A MEAL FOR THE DEVIL, by K. Christopher Barr JACK GREY, SECOND MATE, by William Hope Hodgson SAID AFZEL’S ELEPHANT, by Harold Lamb ADVENTURE’S HEART, by Albert Dorrington ANOTHER PAWN OF FATE, by F. St. Mars MYSTERY ON DEAD MAN REEF, by George Armin Shaftel HAG GOLD, by James Francis Dwyer MAORI JUSTICE, by Bob Du Soe JAVELIN OF DEATH, by Captain A.E. Dingle THE SCREAMING SKULL, by J. Allan Dunn SIX SHELLS LEFT, by Allan R. Bosworth GODS OF BASTOL, by H.P. Holt THE MINDOON MANEATER, by C.M. Cross THE SPIRIT OF FRANCE, by S. B. H. Hurst THE BOX OF THE IVORY DRAGON, by James L. Aton CHECKERED FLAG, by Cliff Farrell THE FIGHTING FOOL, by Perley Poore Sheehan GHOST LANTERNS, by Alan B. LeMay STORIES OF THE LEGION: CHOC, by H. De Vere Stacpoole THE WHISPERING CORPSE, by Richard B. Sale THE MONKEY GOD, by Jacland Marmur And don't forget to search on "Megapack" in this ebook store to see additional great volumes in the Megapack series, covering science fiction, fantasy, horror, westerns, and more!

Claimed Book


  • Author : Francis Stevens
  • Publisher : Good Press
  • Date : 2021-11-09
  • Category : Fiction
  • Pages : 132
  • ISBN : EAN:4066338096630

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"Claimed" by Francis Stevens. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Evidence Based Herbal and Nutritional Treatments for Anxiety in Psychiatric Disorders Book

Evidence Based Herbal and Nutritional Treatments for Anxiety in Psychiatric Disorders

  • Author : David Camfield
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Date : 2016-11-29
  • Category : Medical
  • Pages : 208
  • ISBN : 9783319423074

Evidence Based Herbal and Nutritional Treatments for Anxiety in Psychiatric Disorders in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

This book presents the current clinical evidence on the efficacy of herbal and nutritional treatments for anxiety that is experienced in association with psychiatric disorders, and explains how health professionals can apply this knowledge to the benefit of patients presenting with a wide range of symptoms, including comorbid mood disorders. All chapters are written by world-leading researchers who draw on the findings of human clinical trials to provide uncompromising assessments of individual treatments, including herbal anxiolytics with sedative actions, adaptogens, cognitive anxiolytics, and nutraceuticals. Traditional treatments requiring further study – including the plant-based psychotropic Ayahuasca and other phytotherapies of potential value in the treatment of anxiety – are also reviewed. In the closing chapters, a series of helpful case studies are provided by mental health clinicians in order to illustrate how herbal and nutritional treatments can best be integrated into an overall treatment plan for individuals with a range of comorbid diagnoses. Mental health professionals, researchers, and general readers will find that the book provides an excellent review of current scientific knowledge gained from the study of herbal and nutritional treatments, together with important clinical recommendations for their use in patients experiencing clinically significant levels of anxiety.

The Mohammedan Dynasties Book

The Mohammedan Dynasties

  • Author : Stanley Lane-Poole
  • Publisher :
  • Date : 1894
  • Category : Chronology, Islamic
  • Pages : 422
  • ISBN : UOM:39015008521372

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Mustard Lung Book

Mustard Lung

  • Author : Mostafa Ghanei
  • Publisher : Academic Press
  • Date : 2016-05-03
  • Category : Medical
  • Pages : 162
  • ISBN : 9780128039793

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Mustard Lung: Diagnosis and Treatment of Respiratory Disorders in Sulfur-Mustard Injured Patients brings together the details regarding pathophysiology, medication, and protective issues to provide a comprehensive look at health problems associated with sulfur mustard injury. It provides a bench-to-bedside look at the long term complications of vesicant exposure in humans as well as how mustard gas exposure affects lung function. By providing guidelines and approaches for the diagnosis, pathogenesis, and treatment of SM injury cases, this book is helpful for a wide range of medical researchers and clinicians. For decades, chemical respiratory disorders were diagnosed and managed traditionally similar to other chronic respiratory diseases. However, the exact nature of chemical respiratory disorders is different and needs to be treated as such. Includes the most up-to-date basic and clinical research findings on sulfur mustard from top researchers Provides information on chemical agents, complications that arise due to sulfur mustard exposure, and drugs available to treat injuries Contains an appendix with practical prescription recommendations for patients affected by mustard lung Provides a bench-to-bedside look at the long term complications of vesicant exposure in humans as well as how mustard gas exposure affects lung function

The Dragoman s Revenge Book

The Dragoman s Revenge

  • Author : Otis Adelbert Kline
  • Publisher :
  • Date : 2007-04-01
  • Category : Dragomen
  • Pages : 208
  • ISBN : 1928619452

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Baha u llah Book

Baha u llah

  • Author : H. M. Balyuzi
  • Publisher : George Ronald
  • Date : 1991
  • Category : Bahai Faith
  • Pages : 539
  • ISBN : 0853983283

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Durandal Book


  • Author : Harold Lamb
  • Publisher : Donald m Grant Pub Incorporated
  • Date : 1981-01-01
  • Category : Fiction
  • Pages : 156
  • ISBN : 0937986453

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Durandal -- one of the greatest epics of heroic fiction ever written -- has been an influence upon and model for a score or more tales of swordplay and adventure. Durandal, the fabled sword of history and legend, somehow found its way into the Near-East after the death of Roland, knight of Charlemagne. The tale of two Crusaders whose band of 800 has been betrayed by the Christian Emperor Theodore and butchered by the Turks. "Simply brilliant!" wrote one critic. "It is the foundation of modern heroic fantasy". (Somber and moody, this title is included among my all-time favorites -- Donald M. Grant.)

Charlemagne Book
Stars 4
From 3 Global Ratings


  • Author : Harold Lamb
  • Publisher :
  • Date : 1995
  • Category : France
  • Pages : 320
  • ISBN : OCLC:42411853

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Degenerative Spinal Deformity  Creating Lordosis in the Lumbar Spine  An Issue of Neurosurgery Clinics of North America E Book Book

Degenerative Spinal Deformity Creating Lordosis in the Lumbar Spine An Issue of Neurosurgery Clinics of North America E Book

  • Author : Sigurd H. Berven
  • Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
  • Date : 2018-06-23
  • Category : Medical
  • Pages : 240
  • ISBN : 9780323641081

Degenerative Spinal Deformity Creating Lordosis in the Lumbar Spine An Issue of Neurosurgery Clinics of North America E Book in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

This issue of Neurosurgery Clinics, edited by Drs. Sigurd Berven and Praveen V. Mummaneni, will cover Degenerative Spinal Deformity: Creating Lordosis in the Lumbar Spine. Topics will include, but are not limited to, Spinopelvic Parameters; Location of lordosis (priority for L4-S1) and Age Adjustments; Approach Selection; Nuances of Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy; Preventing Pseudarthrosis and PJK; The Challenge of Creating Lordosis in High Grade Dysplastic Spondylolisthesis; Sacropelvic Fixation; Evolution of the MISDEF Algorithm; Transpsoas Approach Nuances; Lateral Prepsoas Approach Nuances; Anterior Column Release; Navigation assisted MIS deformity correction; MIS TLIF; MIS PSO; and The challenge of L4-S1- fractional curves.

Knights of the Open Palm Book

Knights of the Open Palm

  • Author : Carroll John Daly
  • Publisher : Steeger Properties, LLC
  • Date : 2017-11-12
  • Category : Fiction
  • Pages :
  • ISBN : 9788827516300

Knights of the Open Palm in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

The first hard-boiled detective Race Williams, runs up against the Klan in his premiere adventure, which leads him to fast and tragic action. Plus two other early Daly hard-boiled classics: "The False Burton Combs" and "Dolly." Story #1 in the Race Williams series. Carroll John Daly (1889–1958) was the creator of the first hard-boiled private eye story, predating Dashiell Hammett's first Continental Op story by several months. Daly's classic character, Race Williams, was one of the most popular fiction characters of the pulps, and the direct inspiration for Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer.